Saturday, December 6, 2014

Trailer Prep

We weren't sure how many shots we would be able to render by the deadline, so I planned for 2 scenarios:

The above videos are just to get the timing down.  Sound and more developed visuals are in process and will hopefully be ready by the fall show.

I'm still trying to pick a title, but here are some tests I made for the trailer....

I spent some time researching handwriting analysis and how it relates to personality.  *Supposedly*.....according to my findings......:
left slant, small and delicate letters - shows reserve
a 'cradle' on the lower stroke of letters g, y, p, etc. - avoidance of aggression and confrontation
a full loop on the lower stroke of letters g, y, p, etc. - need for security
narrow left margin, wide right margin - caution, wanting to avoid being pushed, fear of the unknown
high dot over the letter "i" - great imagination

I experimented with some "character inspired" handwriting.  I like the concept, but in the interest of having an eye-catching, legible title, I may not use them:

For the final animation, however, I'd like something with a little more impact.  I plan on making a painting with the text incorporated somehow.  Caleb showed me some "Adventure Time" title cards, which look great and are kind of what I have in mind. EXAMPLES HERE

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