Sunday, March 15, 2015

Animation - Rachel

Updated animatic! FINAL 3/24/15

3D animation compilation:
first half FINAL 3/24/15
second half FINAL 3/24/15 

The following are the individual shots:

shot10   shot 10   shot10   shot10   shot10   shot10   shot10 FINAL 3/20/15

shot20   shot20   shot20   1  2   shot20   shot20   shot20   shot20 FINAL 3/22/15

shot30   shot30   shot30   shot30 FINAL 3/20/15

shot40   shot40   shot40   shot40   shot40   shot40 FINAL 3/20/15

shot50   shot50   shot50   shot50   shot50   shot50   shot50 FINAL 3/20/15

shot60   shot60   shot60   shot60 FINAL 3/22/15

shot70   shot70   shot70   shot70 FINAL 3/20/15

shot80   shot80 FINAL 3/20/15

shot140   shot140   shot140   shot140   shot140 FINAL 3/20/15

shot150   shot150   shot150   shot150   shot150   shot150 FINAL 3/20/15

shot160   shot160   shot160   shot160   shot160 FINAL 3/20/15

shot170   shot170 FINAL 3/20/15

shot180   shot180   shot180   shot180 FINAL 3/20/15

shot190   shot190   shot190   shot190   shot190   shot190 FINAL 3/22/15

shot200   shot200   shot200   shot200 FINAL 3/20/15

New animatic showing the 3D and 2D!  This was the 1st pass of animation - it's still really rough - but it shows which scenes will actually be in 3D.