Monday, December 8, 2014

More Texture Adjustments/Issues

We found out the fingernails have crazy reflections - need to come up with a better long-term solution, but for now I just gave them a diffuse color.
reflecting the notecards

diffuse is too bright without subsurface

  I just darkened the color until there is a better solution....

Cassie has been working hard testing out different lighting
Earlier experiments: The spotlight is in the correct place, but the shadows get a little long and distracting.

Tried moving light to another angle: direction doesn't make sense, the light needs to be more frontal

Same as above.  However the contrast and the background are looking really nice.

The material in the occlusion pass suddenly started acting weird - now she looks like metal

Also the eyebrow/eyelash textures/geometry keeps detaching/disappearing

Eyebrow textures were an easy fix - still working on the eyelashes - but Cassie got the spotlight looking really nice

The eye is being weird again......I feel like we have fixed the same pieces of geometry over and over and over and it never ends......

Out of ideas...I have deleted and replaced her right eye.  We will see if that solves the problem.

In lighting, Cassie noticed the eyes turning strangely dark.

The eye geometry has 2 clear outer layers to create the refraction needed, so we thought the problem might be the direction the normals were facing (the normals were spontaneously reversing anyway, which was strange).  We tried different combinations and kept getting weird results.

This picture wasn't an error, I just included it because it looks cool

After hours of troubleshooting, I thought to look at the render stats.  It turns out that the settings don't necessarily transfer though referencing, so the layers that were supposed to be transparent were casting/receiving shadows (among other issues), which was causing the darkness.  Problem solved!

Trying to add more texture to the floor - it was looking too smooth before.

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