Sunday, March 15, 2015

Animation - Rachel

Updated animatic! FINAL 3/24/15

3D animation compilation:
first half FINAL 3/24/15
second half FINAL 3/24/15 

The following are the individual shots:

shot10   shot 10   shot10   shot10   shot10   shot10   shot10 FINAL 3/20/15

shot20   shot20   shot20   1  2   shot20   shot20   shot20   shot20 FINAL 3/22/15

shot30   shot30   shot30   shot30 FINAL 3/20/15

shot40   shot40   shot40   shot40   shot40   shot40 FINAL 3/20/15

shot50   shot50   shot50   shot50   shot50   shot50   shot50 FINAL 3/20/15

shot60   shot60   shot60   shot60 FINAL 3/22/15

shot70   shot70   shot70   shot70 FINAL 3/20/15

shot80   shot80 FINAL 3/20/15

shot140   shot140   shot140   shot140   shot140 FINAL 3/20/15

shot150   shot150   shot150   shot150   shot150   shot150 FINAL 3/20/15

shot160   shot160   shot160   shot160   shot160 FINAL 3/20/15

shot170   shot170 FINAL 3/20/15

shot180   shot180   shot180   shot180 FINAL 3/20/15

shot190   shot190   shot190   shot190   shot190   shot190 FINAL 3/22/15

shot200   shot200   shot200   shot200 FINAL 3/20/15

New animatic showing the 3D and 2D!  This was the 1st pass of animation - it's still really rough - but it shows which scenes will actually be in 3D.

1 comment:

  1. I love how the animation is looking so far! One thing I would change is in shot 190 hold the shot longer after the girl exits the screen, possibly get an eye roll or sigh from the guy in reaction to the girls intro. That cut seemed a little bit fast. Everything else looks great so far!