Friday, September 26, 2014

Texturing problems - solved and unsolved

Textures for the caruncles, tongue, and gums spontaneously reset back to default gray textures.  I have no idea what caused this - so I just made new ones.  Solved!

Gretchen made these beautiful textures....

....but the shoes would turn gray further down in the pipeline.

After digging around, we found the shoe shader network nodes all detached from one another (don't know when that happened) which was why it was turning gray.  I reattached/rebuilt the textures, and that seems to have solved the leather issue.  However, part of the buckle decided to not recognize the metal shader attached to it, and it is turning red.  The problem has still not been solved.

Cassie has been having a nightmare of a time trying to troubleshoot bugs in lighting.
1. There is a mysterious glowing spot that she can't get rid of (in subsurface and the final render:

except when out of nowhere it renders correctly (happens once, never happens again, no explanation)

When she takes measures to try to fix it, it messes up the rendering of the eyes:

Solved! - Cassie: I FIXED IT! Had to make sure the cull backfacing was coming through on subsurface. So I had to do a little file clean up in the passes. There was extra SS passes made back from when the file was first referenced in. Despite them being disabled those passes didn't have cull backfacing checked and were somehow overriding the default. So I just deleted all the passes made and cleaned it up in the files that they were being referenced in. **Edit** Reading more on it I believe cull backfacing should be off, I turned it off and it's rendering fine now too. I think what the issue was too many SS passes were in the file.

2. Also the nose spot, which disappeared with no explanation, is back:

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